Westpower Culture

Our biggest asset are our employees. As such, Westpower management endorses a highly social culture.

Communication across departments is critical to developing and ensuring the right solution for a customer. Sometimes the answer requires ideas from various sources, and an after-hours discussion while socializing with colleagues has often yielded creative results. We want our staff to have fun at their jobs and enjoy coming to work. In January we celebrate the successes of the previous year with our annual employee get-together. This is a chance for staff and their significant others to socialize and celebrate the new year.

After winter, Westpower hosts a BBQ on the last Friday of every month and organize pot-luck lunches throughout the year. Our annual Pig Roast charity fundraiser is enjoyed by customers and staff alike. It is a well renowned industry customer appreciation event.

We do our best to provide a relaxed atmosphere and believe in camaraderie. We foster professional and personal growth through educational support, cross-training, and leadership programs while constantly encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in every Westpower staff member.

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