API 674 Reciprocating
Plunger Pumps

Aplex reciprocating pumps combine a reliable pump design with unique maintenance-friendly features. Aplex pumps are built with a variety of materials and features suitable for oilfield applications, and can satisfy all industry standards such as NACE, while meeting Canadian regulations like ASME, HI, CSA and CRN.

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Danfoss high-pressure pumps are tailored to oil and gas applications to give one of the most reliable, precise and high-performing solutions. The CLP pumps are optimized for use in onshore, offshore, subsea and petrochemical installations and for handling a wide range of chemicals, liquids, additives and other hard-to-handle fluids in the production system.  They are available in API 674, 675 and ATEX standards, as well as non-API configurations.

The compact size, low weight and durable materials of the axial piston CLP pumps allow flexible configuration in almost any environment. The Total Cost of Ownership of the Danfoss pumps is lower than for any other high-pressure pump in the market due to the high efficiency, the low operation and low maintenance costs.

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