IMPACT Pump Expendables

Using advanced nanotechnology, Westpower's IMPACT pump expendables have been created to significantly improve operating reliability and reduce unplanned downtime.

IMPACT Plungers

Available with IMPACT-n tungsten carbide n2 coatings, IMPACT plungers are easily the most durable and wear resistant coated plunger available today. Dramatically increasing the plunger and packing life in fracing, water injection, cementing and other services where abrasion and corrosion resistance is important. Designed and manufactured to industry leading tolerances and surface finished in both carbon and stainless steel.

IMPACT Packing

Pump packing designed to increase reliability and leverage the plunger's coating. Specializing in frac applications, hydrocarbon processing, cementing, and other extreme conditions.

IMPACT Valves & Seats

Engineered to increase pump up-time, IMPACT valves and seats are available for many services in the oil and gas and upstream industries.

IMPACT Wash Pipe

Utilizing IMPACT-n nano coating technology, IMPACT wash pipes will outlast all traditionally coated and non-coated designs in the drilling industry.

IMPACT Mixer Components

Mixer impellers and covers are designed with proprietary materials to decrease downtime and reduce component wear.

IMPACT-n Coating Technology

Extensive research and development of the IMPACT-n coating technology has led to the creation of radically improved pump components. Harder. Tougher. Denser. IMPACT-n nanotechnology coatings provide best in class erosion and corrosion control.

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