CPC Pumps manufacture the largest hydraulic range of engineered API 610 process pumps from horizontal end suction (OH2) and in-line (OH3, OH4 and OH5) to between-bearing radially-split (BB2 one-and two-stage) and axially-split pumps (BB3 multi-stage volute pumps).

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The Borets HPS is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump that is a reliable, cost effective solution to traditional high pressure pumps. From water injection and disposal to refinery, NGL and offshore service, the Borets HPS can deliver up to 2000 HP in a single unit.

Cost-competitive and customizable for your specific needs, the HPS equipment requires less inventory and delivery time than traditional API 610 multistage, vertical turbine and reciprocating pump equipment. Engineered for reliability, modularity, and quick replacement of components, the HPS pump has a lower life cycle cost, thanks to minimized downtime and low maintenance requirement.  The result is a reliable, versatile and innovative pumping system.

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National provides Vertical API-610 type VS-6 and VS-1 pumps to the world market. NPC API-610 vertically suspended pumps have gained recognition in the market for their compliance to API standards without the characteristic long lead times and premium prices.

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