SPOC Automation builds world-class variable frequency drive solutions for the oil and gas industry.

They engineer and package artificial lift controls and automation technology that increases oil and gas production, lowers lifting costs, saves time and extends the life of equipment and saves energy.

As the industry leading artificial lift controls manufacturer in North America, SPOC has expertise in a wide range of oil and gas applications working with every type of pump, in the harshest conditions.

HPS Series Drives

The HPS variable frequency drive controls the speed at the pump, allowing you to leave the valve open at all times, reducing wear and failures within the system. The drive’s simple interface allows you to control and monitor your tank levels, vibration sensors, intake pressure and discharge pressure. You can now control the pump at the widest possible range.

Jet Pump Series Drives

The JPS drive from SPOC Automation is designed to increase the efficiency of your jet pump, while lowering your lifting costs. In a typical application, the pump is run faster than necessary to create pressure in excess of that which is needed. And then the pressure is choked down at the valve to fit the application.

With the JPS drive, you run at the exact speed you need to shape the pressure to the tube, eliminating needless waste of energy. You save as much as 25% on your energy costs, and can see a payback for the drive in as little as 9-12 months.

WiseGuy VFD Interface

The WiseGuy™ series of drive interface products in our latest innovation in drive technology. The days of needing a specialist around to change speeds, get the amps, production data, run time or other information you need from your drives are over.

WiseGuy can tell you everything you need to know about your well. And the touch screen technology and oil-field terminology make it simple to use. WiseGuy interface is the most user-friendly on the market.

Smart. Intuitive. Easy. These are the most common words customers use to describe the WiseGuy. If you know industry terminology like “SPM” (Strokes per Minute), “Pump Run Time” (“Real Time Run Time”), and “Number of Pump Offs,” you can program the drives. It’s really that easy.

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