High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) Coatings available:


Toughest, most erosion resistant coating in services such as emulsion (hydrocarbon with sand) or coker heater charge pumps.


Westpower’s proprietary coating formula features a nano-sized grain structure combined with a NiCr binder to provide extraordinary erosion resistance in corrosive services such as high chloride content (produced or brackish) water. Also offers excellent abrasion resistance in sliding wear applications such as plungers, shafts, seals and valves.


A variant on the common 86-10-4 WC-Co-Cr powder featuring a nano-scale grain structure that improves wear resistance and results in a mirror like surface finish. This combined with the high hardness offered by Wc-Co-Cr creates a coating with exceptional erosion resistance in a wide range of applications.


A cost effective alternative to the IMPACT-n3 coating that offers excellent erosion resistance in a wide range of applications.

Coating Services

Our proprietary high performance HVOF coating formulas offer erosion and corrosion resistance in extreme environments. These are the hardest, toughest, densest coatings on the market today. This means reduced maintenance costs and less down time for our customers.

Our Process

HVOF Coatings are produced by injecting powder into a hot gas stream created by the combustion of oxygen and a fuel gas which heats the particles to a semi-molten state. The powder and gas is then accelerated through a converging / diverging nozzle to supersonic velocity which propels the powder particles toward the substrate. When the particle reach the substrate it deforms plastically, cools and then solidifies forming the coating.

The properties of the coating are strongly dependent on the structure of the feedstock powders, spraying techniques and parameters used. In order to produce the highest quality coatings these three factors need to be strictly controlled. Westpower achieves this by utilizing a closed loop parameter control system to maintain the ideal parameters and a robotically manipulated spray gun to maintain consistent application techniques from layer to layer and part to part. The powder quality is monitored through a batch qualification process with all tests being carried out at Westpower’s in-house laboratory.

Process Capabilities:
  • HVOF coating up to 60” in length on lathe work
  • Maximum outer diameter (lathe work):
  • HVOF Coating: 22”
  • Grinding: 20”
  • Superfinishing (polishing): 14”
  • Small and large turntable for larger parts (ie. Pump cases, impellers, etc.)
**All HVOF jobs include a Certificate of Compliance generated by our Quality Control department after passing a final inspection.

Optional Services:
  • 3-D CAD modelling, and generation of machine drawings for manufactured parts by our team of highly qualified engineers
  • Precision CNC machining of parts out of a variety of steels
  • Product re-design and optimization for the HVOF process
  • Design and manufacturing of additional fixtures to protect critical components during HVOF coating process

  • Pump volutes and components
  • Plungers
  • Impellers
  • Drive shafts
  • Mud motor flow collars
  • Down-hole tools
  • Hydraulic components
  • Compression rods
  • Any application where erosion, abrasion, or corrosion is a problem

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