Field Optimization

Optimizing your pumps is Westpower’s specialty. It is our engineers and field crew’s understanding of pumps and applications that sets us apart. You can count on us to match your pump or part with its operating environment to ensure they work in tandem to achieve maximum performance and system reliability.

Millwright & Maintenance Services

Backed by in-house engineering resources, our field staff conducts operations and maintenance training, pump installation, commissioning and start-up. Our technical teams are equipped with the latest pump diagnostic technologies to ensure issues are identified quickly and accurately.

We deliver around-the-clock millwright and repair services for rotating equipment in North America. Our technical teams are available anywhere our expertise is needed around the world.

Westpower specializes in major turnarounds for the scheduled maintenance of large boiler-feed and other multi-stage engineered pumps used in many hazardous power plant and hydrocarbon processing applications.

Field Engineering & Analysis

Westpower has the technical and engineering expertise to identify the root cause of your equipment reliability issues, recommend a solution and implement it. Our engineers have over 100 years of combined experience using advanced diagnostic equipment to solve complex problems such as excessive vibration, torsional and performance issues, and to prevent structural and mechanical failures.

Once the root cause of your pump system’s problem is determined, our parts and repair specialists take over. Our manufacturing facilities are able to deliver high-quality parts and equipment quickly and efficiently.

Lubrication Analysis & Optimization

Lubrication analysis is a great tool for monitoring the health of your machines and determining the optimal service window for your machinery. Westpower offers lubrication and optimization services. We’re able to look inside your equipment to see how quickly oil is oxidizing, what contaminants are entering your oil and when your bearings need to be changed.

We’ll use the results of your equipment’s lubrication analysis to optimize your oil-change interval. This will ensure you aren’t incurring extra maintenance costs by changing your oil too often, or risking catastrophic equipment failure by not changing your oil often enough. Lubrication analysis also allows you to test new lubricants and compare their performance with what you're currently using.

Start-Up & Turnaround Services

Westpower’s pre-commissioning start-up and turnaround services are performed by experienced engineers and millwrights. We’ll supervise the start-up of your pump and pump installations, plus provide turnaround services for the regularly scheduled maintenance of your pumps.

Westpower has fully equipped field crews ready to deploy at a moment’s notice 24 hours-per-day, seven days-per-week.

Hydraulic & Mechanical Redesign

Our redesign process begins with a complete on-site analysis of your system and pumps using state-of-the-art measurement equipment. Data is analysed using computational fluid dynamics and other computer modeling techniques. The test results allow us to determine the current operating conditions of your facility and pump requirements.

Once we determine your system needs, our staff will apply decades of combined experience at redesigning single-stage and multi-stage pumps to modify what you have to achieve the system performance you require. Your options may include upgrading the mechanical design for improved reliability, hydraulically re-rating your pump or changing the pump to a new unit better suited to your requirements.

Westpower’s technical team has the ability to test your redesigned hydraulic and mechanical system at our repair centre and then on-site to ensure your performance requirements are met.

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